Saturday, April 11, 2009

Birthday Wish

I turned 45 on 5/4 last week...put it down in writing it'll look like this; 05.04.09 = 45..if i do a little maths, nine will rule my birthday and my year. Its just interesting, not that i give any particular important to numbers.

How do i feel being a 45 years old women, a wife and a mother. As a wife, very much the same feeling when i got married. I am in love with my husband and will do anything to protect my marriage. As a mother, very much the same feeling when i gave birth to both of my child. I love them and want to protect them with everything that i have from anything that will hurt or harm them. As a women i am proud of myself at the age of 45.

My wish? for happiness of course as a wife , a mother and a women. For whatever happened and for whatever that will come my way i will have the guts and the strength to face it. For this is my life and i am responsible for my own happiness. I pray that Allah SWT will guide and bless me.

I dont expect bed of roses, my life has never been on bed of roses but it makes me what i am. I am basically a happy person because i always count my blessings. I tried not let anything bring me down because i can not see my own sad face. Though sometimes i do let myself to feel sadness because its too tired to be strong all the time. I have long realised that happiness is the better choice. Smile and laughter are the better remedies than sympathy. I realised that my experiences good or bad make me understand others better.

My wish? of course to be a better person. InsyaAllah.

Thinking aloud.

We live day by day..or actually breath by every breath. Who knows when will be our last. Nobody knows when will be the last time we see the sun, the moon, our loved ones, our friends, neighbours, parents. Will today be the last that we do anything at all? will be the last time that we do good..that we perform our amal. Or will bad deed or dosa will the last thing that we do and thats all that we have to show our Creator when we see Him.